All participants of the Olympiad and the Congress have to be registered by the federation of the assigned FIDE Reverse Delegate. The registration is open from 28th April to 27th May 2022. Please note, that after this date and until 27 June, the registration of the federations will be at the organizer’s discretion and subject to a penalty fee of 100 EUR per person (late registration penalty). The changes made in the team composition or new registrations made between 28th April to 27th May will be accepted without any penalty. After 27 June no new registrations or changes in theteams’ composition implying registrations of new participants will be accepted.
In those countries where a Reverse delegate has been appointed, it is him/her who is eligible to register the teams/delegation. The penalty fees for late registration will not be applied in those countries where a Reverse Delegate has been appointed. The organizers have elaborated a special on-line system for the participants of the Olympiad and the Congress. The link to the registration system and detailed explanations will be available on the official website of the Olympiad under the section: “Registration”. The questions regarding the registration should be addressed to Mr. Sandeep Singh at: In case of any questions regarding the Visa procedures, please contact the Visa department of the Organizing Committee via the following e-mail:

Registration of the Accompanying Persons

The accompanying persons of the teams may be registered by the Federations or the appointed FIDE Reverse Delegates only.

Registration of the Congress Participants

Registration of the Congress participants (Delegates, Council Members, FIDE Manage- ment, Commission Members) is the same as for the teams. The Congress participants may register from 28th April to 27th May 2022 through the official registration system of the Olympiad. As for the Delegates, late registration is eligible if the Delegate has been changed according to the Article 3.6 of the Electoral Rules.
The questions regarding the registration to the Congress should be addressed to Mr. Sandeep Singh at: and to FIDE Office at: To make the contact between the organizers and the federations easier, the Organizing Committee asks the Federations to nominate only one person in charge of the registration procedure, who will register all the federation’s participants, their accompanying persons and Congress participants.

Important Remarks

No participants, accompanying persons, delegates will be accepted to the Olympiad without having passed the registration through the official system. No accreditation will be given to them as well.
Please note that the Organizers won’t accept any registrations after 27th June 2022 for visas and security reasons. The exception is applied to the late registration of the Congress Delegates when eligible.
The Federations will receive their Accreditation Confirmation, as well as the name of the Hotel allocated to them and their accompanying persons after they have registered to the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress.


All participants to the Olympiad and the FIDE Congress must be accredited and wear their accreditations when in the venues (Olympiad and the Congress). The federations must send to the organizers an identity picture of each participant that can be used for accreditation via the registration system. Please note that without an identity picture, the accreditation is not valid.
If there is any problem with accreditation during the Olympiad, the participants should go to the accreditation center at the Venue. The Congress participants should address the Congress Accreditation Center located in the Hotel Leela Palace Chennai.