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Chennai Chess Olympiad 2022

Highest ever subsidy by FIDE and AICF for about 150 federations for travel to Chennai Olympiad 2022.   In a bid to boost the numerical strength of the Chess Olympiad in these covid testing times, the World Chess Organization FIDE and the All India chess Federation (AICF) announced financial support in the form of subsidies […]

Interview with Bharat Singh Chauhan, Secretary (AICF)

Citius, Altius, Fortius in Latin or quite simply Swifter, Stronger, Higher in English conveys the Olympic motto. Inspired by this, the All India Chess Federation (AICF) has began the preparations for the 44th Chess Olympiad on a massive scale after being allotted the Chess Olympiad barely four months before the commencement date. Things have been […]

Chess Olympiad 22

Only a hundred days more…after about almost 100 years wait for the  44th World Chess Olympiad 2022 to begin at Mahabalipuram, Chennai. This is the first time that India would be hosting an event of this magnitude and it was way back in 1924 that the first unofficial Olympiad was played. Former World Champions, Reigning […]


Chess Olympiad Trivia

The 1931 Chess Olympiad at Prague had the dubious distinction of being the only Olympiad where every single player lost at least one game.  10 victories in 18 games, was the maximum strike rate. The USA represented by Kashdan, Marshall, Dake, Horowitz, and Steiner won walked away with the Gold medal and the Hamilton-Russell Cup […]

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Tracing the History of Chess Olympiad

From just 16 countries in 1927 to an expectancy of 160 countries at the 44th Chess Olympiad scheduled at Chennai come July, speaks volumes about the rising popularity of chess worldwide. The numbers also indicate the monumental effort required in hosting an event of this magnitude. The official Olympiad held in London in 1927 at […]


Chennai, the venue for the 44th chess Olympiad — the first-ever to be held in India, is 382- year-old city boasting of a very rich cultural heritage, historical and traditional places along with its robust modern medical and engineering amenities as well as educational institutes. Chennai is one of the prominent economic and educational centre, […]

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INDIA – A Brief Overview

Republic of India or Bharat Ganarajya with an area of 2973190 sq. km is the seventh largest country in the world and occupies the greater part of South Asia. The second most populous country in the world, after China, every sixth citizen of the World is an Indian. The Himalayan Ranges (the loftiest mountain ranges […]