Chennai Chess Olympiad 2022

Highest ever subsidy by FIDE and AICF for about 150 federations for travel to Chennai Olympiad 2022.


In a bid to boost the numerical strength of the Chess Olympiad in these covid testing times, the World Chess Organization FIDE and the All India chess Federation (AICF) announced financial support in the form of subsidies for teams and delegates from developing federations for travel to Chennai. The enhanced travel subsidy aiming to target 150 member Federations is capped to 1.5 Million Euros, the highest ever in the history of the Olympiad.

Expenses covered by travel subsidy would include economy class air tickets and other essential expenses related to international travel like visa and covid tests if necessary. The lodging and boarding expenses for the Olympiad are born by the host country. Adding further, Bharat Singh Chauhan, Secretary AICF said” No member federation will be charged any registration fee as FIDE and AICF are reaching an agreement to this effect,  to make this the biggest Olympiad possible”.

The subsidy is also extended to Delegates of FIDE Congress which will also be held at Chennai, alongside the Olympiad.

This is a shot in the arm for developing Nations where chess is still in nascent form and it is an Herculean task to get sponsorship money even for travel. Since the announcement has come early, the players can happily plan for their travel and spend time in preparation rather than hunting for financial assistance.

Federations in Asia are eligible for Euros 500 per person, Euros 1000 per person for Africa, Euros 750 per person for Europe and Euros 1500 per person for America and Oceania. 12 members would comprise a team, five players in Open section, five in the Women’s section and two captains.

Fide treasurer may, at her own discretion increase the amount of travel subsidy for certain federations taking into account their particular circumstances.