Top foreign players to watch out for.

Press Release
  1. Magnus Carlsen– World chess Champion. Highest rated player in the world. Fights till the last piece on board and does not believe in short, easy draws. One of the strongest ever world Chess Champion and also one of the Glamorous ones. Modelled for a T shirt brand. Also plays football, squash. Very athletic. Highest ever rated player on the planet.
  2. Fabiano Caruana– An Italian by birth but settled in US. Was a challenger to Carlsen in 2018. He has played Olympiad for Italy and US. Highly talented
  3. Levon Aronian– Armenia- one of the most attacking and brilliant player. A former World junior Champion. Crossed Elo 2800. Child prodigy and best world ranking-2.
  4. Vasily Ivanchuk– highly mercurial and brilliant player. Poor nerves and eccentric When Anand won the World junior, he was the top seed and the hot favourite. His best chance to win the World Championship was in 2002 but he lost to fellow countryman 18 year old Ruslan Ponomariov. He won the World Chess Rapid championship in 2016 ahead of Carlsen and Grischuk, also World Blitz Champion. Considered a genius by many.
  5. Hikaru Nakamura– youngest American to win GM title at 15 plus years. Was part of Gold medal winning US team. Excels in Rapid and Blitz
  6. Anish Giri– witty and popular on social media. Current World number 10. But highest ranking was No 3. One of the few players to cross Elo 2800 rating. Has earned tag of draw master for his solid play and huge number of draws.
  7. Wesley so– Filipino-American GM. Highest ranking is world number 2. Was part of US Gold medal winning team and also woon an individual gold. One of sad stories, his mother left him in Manilla and left for Cananda as he wanted to pursue chess and she wanted him to be an accountant. Phillipines ignored him and he decided to move to US for better opportunities
  8. Ding Liren; currently world number 2. First player in history to reach the finals of the World cup twice. member of Chinese Olympiad Gold medal team twice and also an individual Gold.
  9. Vaseline Topalov– WC- Former World Champion from Bulgaria. Won the World Championship in tournament format. He lost title to Vladimir Kramnik then Challenged Anand and lost. Won many Grand slam events.
  10. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov; Azerbaijan- Best rating is World number 7. A world junior Champ, a World Rapid championship has also played in Candidates. He has also crossed rating of 2800.
  11. Firouzja Alireza– Iran 19-year-old – current world number 3. One of the most exciting teen talents in the world and considered World Champion material by none other than Magnus Carlsen. He broke Carlsens record to cross Elo 2800 as the youngest ever.