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Chess Olympiad: Paris 1924 (Unofficial)

Chess Olympiad held in conjunction with 8th Summer Olympic Games Date: 12th – 20th July 1924 City: Paris, France Venue: Majestic Hotel Head of Organizing Committee: Mr. Pierre Vincent (FRA) Tournament Director: Dr. Alexander Alekhine (FRA) Teams participating: 18 (each team incl. max. 4 players) Players participating: 54 (2 players withdrew before the end) Games […]

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Gopakumar Sudhakarn – International Chess Arbiter

“The only thing I can say is that Air Force made me what I am today” acknowledges International Arbiter Gopakumar Sudhakaran who has been appointed as the Deputy Chief Arbiter for the Chess Olympiad at Chennai from 28th July to 10th August. 41-year-old Gopakumar, an Air force officer by profession, becomes the first Indian to […]

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R Vaishali

If Praggnanandhaa is garnering international headlines, his sister IM RameshBabu  Vaishali has been quietly performing above expectations in the European Chess circuitin the last couple of months. Just early morning today Vaishali tied for top place in the Bodensee open tournament in Austria but had to settle for second place after tie-break. Last month Vaishali […]

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Praggnanandhaa – a Part of Rising Indian Chess

At first, the Chess World just struggled to perfectly pronounce Praggnanandhaa but now it is striving to grapple with the terrific tactical intricacies he conjures up on the chequered board with relentless regularity. Add to that, his uncompromising attitude towards shunning short draws, scant regard for ratings and reputations, his willingness to explore and experiment […]

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Top foreign players to watch out for.

Magnus Carlsen– World chess Champion. Highest rated player in the world. Fights till the last piece on board and does not believe in short, easy draws. One of the strongest ever world Chess Champion and also one of the Glamorous ones. Modelled for a T shirt brand. Also plays football, squash. Very athletic. Highest ever […]

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Praggnanandhaa Storms Into the Finals of the Chessable Masters to Play Ding Liren in the Finals

“ 9.30 PM. Isn’t that kid’s bedtime in Chennai?” tweeted Anish Giri of Netherland, currently ranked World number 10 in chess rankings yesterday evening. This cheeky query was aimed at his semi-final opponent in the MCCT Chessable Maasters online Rapid tournament, 16-year-old Rameshbabu Praggananandhaa and the time reference was to the scheduled time of their […]

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Praggnanandhaa Does an Encore

What are the odds that a consecutive five-time reigning World Chess Champion crashes to defeat twice in the span of just about three months to a talented teenager rated more than 100 points below him? Appears highly improbable but then 16-year-old Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa hailed as one of the child prodigies has this uncanny knack of […]

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Magnus Carlsen

Youth and Early Chess Career (1995 To 2004) Carlsen learned how to play chess when he was five years old. However, he didn’t show much interest at first. He instead amazed other people by completing activities that demonstrated his general intellectual aptitude at an early age. At two years of age, Carlsen could solve 50-piece […]

Interview – Koneru Humpy

How is your preparation for the Chess Olympiad to be held in India from July 28 to August 10? All India Chess Federation (AICF) organized a special coaching camp for the India team, and under the guidance of Five-time World Champion Viswanathan Anand and Israeli chess great Boris Gelfand we are working on further improving […]